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We´ll convert your imagines to a real products.

About us

We are a team of experienced and trained professionals with many years of practice and experience. Our philosophy is based on the authenticity and mutual trust with business partners. We strive to observe traditional values and work simply and efficiently. We follow the motto: „To do work once and in high quality is eventually more efficient, quicker and much cheaper.“

Jan LNĚNÍČEK | Head of Production


We will provide you with everything from a primary design and its visualization, via the design drawings, manufacture up to completion and installation at the destination.

Piece and small-series production of machinery and mechanical parts are at our focal point. We´ll put the ready-made products together to form smaler or larger assemblies, installing them if a customer requests us to do so. A bridge crane with bearing capacity up to 5 tons is available to our manufacturing shop, co we´ll master even the heavier assemblies. In cooperation with our partners, we will provide for flat cutting of sheet materials of up to 250 mm thickness, with accuracy of ±0.05 mm, cutting out, grinding with accuracy of ±0.003 mm, manufacture of castings, surface finishes (by painting, galvanizing, pickling,...) etc. To achive the desirable accuracy of all products we use the Demmeler 3D welding tables.

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How we proceed

1| We will meet, you tell us your idea, or you hand over the drawing (it can also be by e-mail).
2| We will process the drawing documentation on the basis of your documents.
3| We will process the drawing into a 3D model, which we will send to you for approval together with the price offer.
4| We will incorporate adjustments according to the agreement. In case of approval, we will prepare documents for produciton.
5| The production itself.
6| Finishing work on the product (painting, blasting, galvanizing, pickling and more)
7| Product packaging.
8| Expedition to you together with payment / tax document.

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Use of our services and products

You can use the products from our workshop in many fields, from technical, such as engineering, construction, heating, metallurgical industry or wastewater treatment plants, to the food industry, healthcare and more. We also have experience with the production of components working at extreme temperatures, both positive and negative.

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We carry out all production according to the documentation prepared by us or the documentation supplied by the customer. We create documentation in the AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS environment. We will convert your ideas from sketches into a 3D model and then into classic 2D documentation meeting all the requirements of elecronic data processing and subsequent use for CAM and cooperative processing on CNC machines.

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Our services

We will provide you with turning, milling, drilling, boring, assembly, surface, and round grinding, hole grinding, CNC machining, welding, heat treatment, surface protection and more. Do you have any specific requirements? Contact us >>>



We use conventional and CNC lathes for turning.

Lathe-turning   (tolerance ±0,005 mm)
maximum   Ø 250 mm
tip-to-tip distance   1250 mm

Lathe-turning  (tolerance ±0,01 mm)
maximum   Ø 850 mm
tip-to-tip distance   2500 mm


Milling   (tolerance ±0,002 mm)
length   890 mm
width   400 mm
height   400 mm


Drilling   (tolerance ±0,005 mm)
length   400 mm
width   300 mm
height   300 mm

Sheet metal forming

CNC hydraulic bevelling press
max. steel sheet thickness   6 mm (with a working length of 3 m)
max. stainless steel sheet thickness   4 mm (with a working length of 3 m)
working length   3 100 mm

Conventional hydraulic shears
max. steel sheet thickness   6 mm (with a working length of 3 m)
max. stainless steel sheet thickness   4 mm (with a working length of 3 m)
working length   3 100 mm

Conventional hydraulic sheet bending rolls
For sheet metal bending, we use a triple roller machine with rolling to cone
diameter of cylinders   200 mm
max. steel sheet thickness   6 mm (with a working length of 3 m)
max. stainless steel sheet thickness   4 mm (with a working length of 3 m)
working length   3 100 mm

Welding and brazing/soldering

To weld together parts from carbon and stainless steel we use TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) and MIG/MAG (Metal Insert Gas)/(Metal Active Gas) methods.

FRONIUS - TransPuls Synergic 2700
max. current   270 A

max. current   320 A

FRONIUS – MagicWave 3000
max. current   300 A

FRONIUS – TransTig 1750 Plus
max. current   170 A

Material cutting

CNC laser, plasma and water jet with 3D cutting.
max. thickness   250 mm
max. dimension   3000 x 6000 mm

Metal band saw
max. diameter Ø 300 mm, 300 x 300 mm

We will also arrange for you 

 making castings,
 surface treatment (painting, galvanizing, pickling,...)
 and more.

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The best materials, professional work, international certification standards and a strict control system: that´s how we understand quality in our production. Regular inspections and certifications mean that our work is subject to constant supervision. Numerous audits ensure compliance with legal requirements.

ISO 9001 quality management system

Since 2000 we have been holders of the quality control system certificate as per ISO 9001. In 2018 we let the quality control system per ISO 9001:2015 re-certify by Det Norske Veritas.

Input and output quality control

Adherence to the required quality requires monitoring of the entire production process from ordering to the last step before shipment. A part of a quality product is also pre-production communication with the customer even before the product or service is ordered.

In the pre-production stage, we place considerable emphasis on:

 Clarification of customer requirements
 Mutual agreement of our design
 An approval of the date and price of the product

Subsequently, the product service is released for production. The cornerstones of quality production include:

 Issuance and confirmation of the order of the semi-finished product
 Acceptance of semi-finished products uupon entering the company
 Clarification of documentation and production process with executives
 Production, including continuous inspection with order requirements
 Output dimensional inspection, inspection of required documentation
 Control of external cooperation (painting, heat treatment,...)
 Packaging - cheching of the product if there is not any damage before shipment
 Checking the required and delivered documentation to the customer

Marking transfer competence

In our production we have standards implemented to ensure unambiguous identification of the materials from receipt up to the dispatch to the customer. The certification and inspection company TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co.KG. carried out revision for us and awarded us with the  Confirmation of Competence for carrying out marking transfers. 

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Our own products

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